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Aunt Mary's Kitchen
is Temporarily Closed for Relocation.

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Aunt Mary's Kitchen

Make yourself at home

Aunt Mary’s Kitchen is a slow-cooking, local produce focused restaurant on beautiful Norfolk Island, in the South Pacific. We proudly use Norfolk Island's finest seasonal, locally grown and harvested produce wherever possible - straight from the farm gate to your plate. 

Our menu features the freshest seasonal produce from Norfolk Island’s farmers, fishermen and food artisans - prepared and served with love. 


The menu changes weekly and sometimes even daily if we run out of a particular product or new produce ripens. You are personally invited to sit awhile at Aunt Mary's 'kitchen table' and enjoy our ever-changing, delicious low-food-mile, seasonal menu.

We hope you will fall in love with the place, the service and the food. The Local's licensed bar serves amazing cocktails, or you can enjoy a beer or wine, or a coffee with your meal.


MaryBeth and Mark Tarren, moved to Norfolk Island in 2019 to pursue their dreams. Hers, to make exceptional food with heart and his, to write extraordinary poetry.


Both fell instantly and deeply in love with, and are inspired by, the island's rich culture, heritage and history, warm and friendly locals, and incredible land and seascapes.


Aunt Mary's Kitchen is MaryBeth's dream come true and is the couple's love song to Norfolk, the most incredible island on earth. 

Opening Hours

Closed for relocation

To discover more about Norfolk Island's attractions, history and culture visit the Norfolk Navigator

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Aunt Mary's Maek Du (Make-Do) Menu

Norfolk Islanders have a strong tradition of ‘making do’ to feed hungry family and visitors. Each and every week the Aunt Mary’s Kitchen menu changes, based on the availability of the freshest seasonal produce, the catches the boats bring in, and what meats and dairy products are available.


Our menu may change from day-to-day, depending on when fruit ripens, or when Norfolk Island's food makers release a batch of preserves, jams or pickles.


Aunt Mary makes delicious foods from around the world - advertised weekly on our Maek Du (Make Do) Menu.


By supporting local producers wherever possible, we aim to cook really yummy home-style food, with some of the lowest food miles on planet Earth. If we can’t get it here, we use imported goods sourced from ethical local importers and suppliers.


We are a slow food kitchen. Food prepared from fresh produce up and made with love, takes time, but you will taste the results in your meal. You can enjoy your meal with a drink from The Local's bar in a relaxed outdoor or indoor setting.


Aunt Mary’s has a ‘waste not, want not’ policy.



+672 3 52947


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